Our History


Incredible Value Comes Standard.

Our motto “Quality.Style.Elegance” embodies everything about our company and everything we believe in. We feel our customers deserve the very best.
Turns out the secret to our success is surprisingly simple. Our hands-on approach keeps projects moving and quality high. And by never getting too big (building no more than 18 to 20 homes a year) we can give daily attention to each project and each client. That way, each South Dayton Custom home gets built the way we want. The way you want. And built to last. Our commitment to excellence extends to interior finishes and materials. Liberal use of custom tile in baths and entries, rich hardwood floors, fireplace mantles, cabinetry, bookshelves and trim, gourmet kitchens, natural stone in outdoor spaces, hearths and basements — and that’s just a few of the build-it-right examples that add to the integrity of our luxury homes. All, of course, expertly installed by seasoned craftsmen.

The South Dayton Builder’s team understands that you are an individual and you have unique requirements when building a home. By working together, we can design and build a home that suits you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Our clients are also diverse ranging from discerning individuals looking for value for money developments to couples and families looking to build an exceptional home that is both clever in design and contemporary in appearance.

As a future homebuyer, you will join our long list of satisfied home buyers. It’s our meticulous attention to detail and our commitment to giving clients quality, that keeps our clients coming back and sets us apart from other builders. Our attention to detail is demonstrated in all that we do from the relationships we build with our valued clients, specialized suppliers, and master trades people to the quality of inclusions and finishing touches we guarantee in each home we build.

While our experience is broad and extensive, we will continue to be selective about the projects we undertake so we can continue to ensure we produce high quality homes and offer value and outstanding service to our clients. Accordingly, we enjoy a very high rate of referral business and would be only too pleased to assist you wherever we can with all of your housing needs.